The Herschel

The Herschel is a 9 level residential apartment building. The structure includes 2 x Basement parking levels and 6 x apartment levels with a communal pool situated on the 9th or roof level.

The building was initially designed to be a retirement Village, however the scope of the project was changed by the client, who decided it was prime property for a residential building. A total of 60 units were built.

Ground floor units have access to private garden areas. Two braai areas are allocated for the residence, one on the ground floor and one on the roof. A tree on the original site had to be kept for environmental reasons.

The building houses solar heating panels on the roof to supply all units with hot water. The building was kept white with light shades of grey to help reflection of the sun, which reduces the energy consumption from air conditioner usage. The façade of the building is also covered in shutters for the same purpose.