How we can Help


    The basic function of a structural engineer is to provide effective design and assess structural members that supports or carries a load. A structural engineer deals with two preliminary areas – buildings and non-building structures. The structural engineer who looks after building construction are responsible for evaluating schematics and making sure that the building meets the local engineering codes for structural safety, is safe for habitation and is able to resist natural forces.

    At Moroff&Kühne we perform careful inspection of the design and its elements and compare it to the approved building plans. We make sure that the building comply with the drawings provided and that any necessary corrections are done. We can be helpful during various phases of construction such as design analysis, official permit and collaboration with other departments.

    The structural design review process requires detailed review of approved building plans and the possible clash among members. The designer or the builder must correct these issues before next phase begin. If a plan needs to be changed, it must be reviewed again to ensure compliance with codes. The approved plans are the basis for all site reviews, so it is very critical that they are accurate and complete.

    During the design stage, we are an integral part of the design team. Our duties include defining the structural weak points, providing safety tolerances, finding out pivot points and modifying designs to increase the strength of overall structure. Highest and lowest load capacity values are determined by mathematical calculations. Locations of the joints, type of material used and proposed usage all have impact on the accuracy of these calculations.

    Our company may provide services from a wide variety of engineering disciplines, or may focus on a single discipline.