Structural Analysis

    Structural Analysis


    All Structural designs are collected of a number of basic structural essentials such as beam, columns, trusses and so fourth. Structural analysis is a most require and helpful for any structural design. Structural Engineers rely on structural analysis to provide structurally sound plans and models. There is no meaning to design any structure without analysis.

    The Structural engineering services can also be used to evaluate the safety and reliability of bridges, embankments and buildings following a natural disaster like flood or earthquake. Structural analysis can help us to save lives. The main vision of the structural analysis method is to calculate the internal forces, stresses of any given structure. By inputting definite facts pertaining to the materials used structural loads and geometry; a resulting equation can be compared to know failure criteria.
    Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering and its applications are extremely diverse Structural engineers do design of things to be built and then helping to build them: buildings, bridges, tunnels, towers. But a structural engineer might also be involved in the demolition or dismantling of a structure, either permanently or in order to repair it. Structural engineers also inspect buildings, both during and after construction and oversee the use of the concrete, steel and timber of which they are made.

    Structural Engineering need big amount of application and planning. Structural Engineers deeply view the position and create a strategy to the structures strong sufficient to withstand pressures and other outside forces.

    Structural engineering designing and drawings from Moroff&Kühne’s services are executed by structural draftsmen. Our Expert structural designing team transfers the engineer’s sketches into CAD drawings, and in addition checks that the designs conform to the building codes and relevant statutes.