Revit“, which stands for ‘revise instantly’, is infiltrating into the AEC industry and is encroaching on AutoCAD. Top-notch architectural firms and construction companies rely on Revit Architecture when precision and efficiency are of utmost priority. We at Moroff & Kühne and industry experts affirm that Revit is the “future”. Despite all the bold assertions about Revit and its innovative features and flexibility, the scenario remains intact – architectural designers still slip into old “AutoCAD habits” when using AutoCAD Architecture & AutoCAD MEP. AutoCAD precision is great for mechanical or industrial application.


    Revitology – A Distinctive “Ism” in Architecture Industry
    Associative, Parametric, rendering output, animation output, formula driven aspects for automation, performance based information, open GL interface, real line weight screen rendition (no more color coded line thicknesses), parametric families, 3D environment – are the much discussed terms in Revitology.


    With BIM authoring tool Revit, the design coordination and collaboration among design teams and various divisions have become easy. Revit integrates all information into a single environment software giving access to all involved in the design process. Revit supported BIM modeling increases the productivity allowing the residential and commercial architecture firms to accomplish much more work with the same resources. BIM modeling is the future of construction industry. And Revit is the backbone of the BIM Modeling.