Building Information Modelling

    Building Information Modelling


    Building information Modelling – BIM is a unique part of building structural engineering. Building Information Modelling is a very important thing during life cycle of building design construction.

    Structural engineering needs big amount of concentration and planning. Structural engineering is a comprehensive procedure that is very important to the construction of any residential building. The facts base of the structural engineer assists in the measurements of the construction materials and calculation the values, their placement in the structure, and the types of supplies or materials chosen for the project.

    Structural BIM is one of the mainly significant parts in structural engineering. Structural engineering is used in vast number of engineering or industrial areas.

    Building Information Modelling is a method of developing and maintaining building’s information during its total life cycle. Building information includes every specification that a contractor needs to effectively build proposed building structure. Moroff&Kühne uses dynamic building modelling software to develop accurate BIM structural models. In the Structural building information modelling such BIM structural models are very important as far as building’s technical information is concerned.
    At Moroff&Kühne Services, Our BIM Structural engineers have in-depth expertise in all building materials and types. Through continuous training in the very latest technologies, our structural engineers are at the cutting edge of the design world. Our clients range from the private to the public sector, and provide design and detailing of all types of structures.

    Structural Building Information Modeling Services includes:

    • Creation of Virtual Intelligent 3D Model
    • Construction Analysis
    • Extraction of Project Information
    • Clash Detection and Risk Mitigation
    • High Quality Construction Documents